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The rays of sunrise lazily creep through my window, chaperoned by the fresh morning breeze. It sways my curtains from side to side and settles cooly on my skin.  

It is 6 a.m on Sunday morning, and I have no rush to get out of bed, so I curl my knees to my chest and watch the birds perching on the branches outside my window. They sing and hop on the twigs, and the trees reel, creaking to the breeze.

It is a beautiful morning, too beautiful to be by myself, yet, I lay all alone. Naked and alone, with juices gathering in my thighs. I look away from my window to my ceiling. Shut my eyes and move my hand slowly under the sheets. It brushes my bare breast, and I linger in the sensitivity.

I really shouldn’t be by myself, I think, and my thoughts drift towards Dayo, my boss at the Law firm. Dayo is an attractive, kind boss. In his mid-forties, he is studly built with a smile that always starts from his eyes.

I imagine him sitting behind his big brown desk at the office, wearing a light blue shirt with sleeves folded to his elbows. He has a ball pen to his lip, and his face is buried in a document I brought him as his secretary.

His forehead is creased in concentration, and his arms are stiff through his shirt. His chest is broad and firm, and my thighs are craving and willing. I imagine walking toward his desk. Then, without uttering a word, I sweep my hand over his table and climb unto the modern hard surface.

Shock envelopes his face.

I spread my legs wide apart and watch his face relax into excited curiosity. My skirt is short and yellow, and I have no panties underneath. The hair in my mound is waxed except for what’s left on the triangular outline. His eyes slip to my open thighs, and desire instantly clouds his eyes. My mound is shimmering with juice, all wet and ready for him…

My body slitters under my sheets at these thoughts. I glide a hand to my left breast and rub my abdomen with the other, etching downward…

I spread my legs further apart so he could see past my thick lips right into my pink labia. He breathes hard, and his jaw tightens. Without shifting his eyes from my pulsating thick meat folds, he lifts a finger and touches the hood of my wet clitoris. I grab the edges of the table, and my head drops backward high.

His finger strokes firmly yet softly. He moves up and down the hood, and I moan with my head steadied backward. Just when I think it can’t get any better, he pushes a finger into me, and a second finger follows immediately. He presses in and out with the thumb of his free hand circling the hood of my engorged…

My hands slip down into my vulva under my sheets. I rub myself, legs flared wide. My eyes are shut, and my free hand is on my breast as I align myself with my imagination…

I am rocking my waist against Dayo’s fingers on the desk as he moves in and out of me with lightning speed. I am nearing orgasm, and my hands grip the edge of the desk for dear life. Dayo thrusts deeper, faster, and harder. My cries, accompanied by his muffled groans and the squishy sounds from my mound, fill his office.

He withdraws his fingers just as I am about to go over the edge and rips my shirt apart. He yanks my bra, swallows my right breast into his mouth, and his hand gropes my second breast. He moans with his mouth full of nipple.

My hands leave the desk for his head, my fingers run through his hair, and I arch my chest further into his face. I am so lost in the pleasure from his mouth that I do not realize when he undoes his pants.

All I feel is a long thick heaviness thrusting through my walls. I gasp and wrap my legs around his waist. Our eyes lock as he begins to pound in and out of me, and the pleasure forces my eyes shut.

He is big, so swee-et! and I luxuriate every stroke, knowing how long I’ve wanted him… 

My fingers intensify at my clitoris under my sheets. I slip two fingers inside me and clasp unto the sheets…

He is breathing into the crook of my neck, his hands steadied on the table’s edges as his waist continuously rams hard like there’s not a single bone in it…

I cry on his desk and on my bed.

My nails scratch the skin on his back

My toes curl downwards…

I am going to cum.

My fingers intensify inside me, my waist jumps up and down against my hands.

Faster, ohhhh…

I’m cuming, I’m cu-uming, I’m cu-um-mingg!!!




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