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The swimming pool stretched before us, sapphire blue and 8 feet deep. The water oscillated as the various tenants of our block of community flats flapped their arms and kicked their feet under it.

The music was blasting, and the night moon was out, subtly glinting down the rooftop, too faint to bother the amber-led party lights ornamented across poles and sticks.

The rooftop, cramped with people of all shapes and colors, guffawed with laughter. Voices, too loud to be called chatters, deafened my ears, but I loved it!

I was standing around the bar area, sipping on my wine and nodding to the Hip-hop clangorous music, when I saw her; Megan.

She was sitting on the edge of the swimming pool, slinging her slender feet in the water, and I remembered her. I had passed her on the stairs many times, but we never spoke a word to each other except for courteous nods when our eyes met and swift smiles.

Now, for the first time, I was really looking at her. She wore an American flag bikini that clung seamlessly to her supple-looking skin. Her hair was auburn and barely touching her shoulders. She had a half cup of wine in one hand and was chuckling with the swimmers and other perchers at the pool.

I lifted my drink to my lips and looked away. Suddenly, I felt a stranger grabbing me by the wrist, so I moved with him to the dance floor, and I danced heartily with my cup clasped in my fist.

When I broke away from the strange man, I strode back to the bar and lowered onto the high stool. I asked the bartender for a refill of my drink; it was the last thing I remembered.

I woke up to a deserted rooftop with no humans but party cups, cans, kegs, and food wrappers littered across the once-booming square.

As I looked around searchingly, I sighted Megan leaning forward on the concrete fence, smoking.

I rose from my chair and took a minute to inhale the cool night breeze before ambling towards her.

“We were locked out,” she stated as I approached her, ashing her cigarette over the fence.

She smiled at me over her shoulders before turning around fully to face me.

She extended a hand, “I’m Megan Grace.”

I shook her hand, “Clara.”

“I’ve seen you around many times.”

“Yeah,” I acknowledged with an awkward smile. She was prettier now that I was standing only a foot away from her. “You’re in the flat below me—”

“Yeah, we bump into each other a lot.”

I nodded, then looked around, “Have you tried the fire door?” I pointed towards the heavy metallic door.

“Ah, it’s no use,” she said, turning back to resume her position on the fence, “It’s closed.”

“Oh, well, good thing we live here then.” I moved to stand next to her with my hands down on the fence. “Wow!” I exclaimed at the captivating night view.

She chuckled and handed me a cigarette out of the back pocket of her shorts. “Feels like an early summer yeah?”

“Totally!” I received the cigarette from her, stood still with the stick between my lips, and waited as she held the lighter to its tip.

“Thank you,” I said, taking a drag.

Together, we leaned forward on the fence and smoked while overlooking the magnificent view of the sleeping city.

She told me she had chosen to stay back when the others were leaving, “I just wanted to enjoy this natural breezy serenity!” she stated, turning around, “Sit?” she offered, and I moved with her to a long sofa.

I admitted to having slept off, and she laughed, pointing out that she had noticed me all night, a confession that made me blush.

Conversation flowed naturally between us, and we spoke about what it meant to live in our neighborhood, and our favorite coffee shops.

There must have been something in the air that night because I felt so at ease and relaxed with Megan. And because we were sitting next to each other, our skin unavoidably brushed and hands fleeced in the heat of hearty conversation and careless giggles.

I felt something; hot and yearning between my thighs and I wondered if Megan felt it too. Suddenly, she paused between talks and leaned in so close that I arched forward and brushed her lips in a kiss.

I was going to withdraw and apologize when she grabbed me by the neck, pulled me in, and jammed her mouth hard on mine. Our tongues touched and swam fierily yet delicately in tune with one another. As the warmth in our mouths burned, so did the softness between my thighs.

I reached my hand and touched her breast. Unsatisfied, I tugged down the bikini top, cupped my hand over the right swell of her breast, and pinched her already hard nipples between my fingers.

Megan sighed into my mouth. She pulled me on top of her until her back was flat on the sofa. And our lips stayed, glued in ecstasy.

I moved my hand down her chest until I could feel the soaking wetness in the middle of her underwear. Immediately, I pushed the panties to the side and slipped a finger into her soft, slippery heat. 

Megan breathed sharply, and I hissed pleasurably, going crazy over the feel of her sweltering warmth.

As my fingers twirled round and round her engorged clitoris, I broke away from her lips and buried my mouth over her left breast.

She sank her fingers into my back, crying softly with her waist rocking against my fingers in circles. I crawled down to her feet, peeled her panties down and off her legs. I pushed her thighs as far apart as they could go, and laid flat on my stomach with my head buried in her mound.

I sucked on her clit, gobbling her overlapping juices into my mouth, and I felt her fingers grab tightly onto my hair. I pushed a finger inside her, and the slimy wetness welcomed a second finger. I thrust in and out while my tongue continued to rock her clit in upward strokes.

Her waist arched forward and faster, her grip got tighter, her body shuddered, and she screamed, pulling violently on my hair as an orgasm rocked her body.

I slipped my fingers out of her and crawled upward to kiss her mouth.

In one swift swipe, she turned me over so that she was now on top of me. Smirking, she tore the top of my bikini, scooped my breasts together, and went to work on the nipples, sucking and pulling at the erect tits interchangeably. Already high from all the passion, I pushed her hand down into my thighs, and she moaned excitedly as she felt the dampness of my heat.

She whisked between my thighs and tugged my panties down and off my feet. Then collapsed between my thighs to lick hungrily at my engorged and overflowing clitoris.

“Oh, Megan!” I cried.

She pushed her fingers into me, shoved them to my tilt, then curved them in upward strokes, and I could not take it any longer! Throbbing sensations expanded in the pit of my stomach. My muscles tightened, and my body submitted expectantly to the overpowering sensations bolting through my veins. I felt myself climaxing, slowly at first, then it yanked at me, and I cried recklessly, quaking violently against Megan’s face! 

Completely emptied, my waist dropped limply down on the sofa.

And my eyes slipped open to the stars, smiling down at me.









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