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I am late!

I hop towards my front door, tugging impatiently at the loose strap of my red stiletto sandals. I yank at it hastily, hissing under my breath at the sheer difficulty it feels to secure the tiny straps. Everyone would be seated in the conference room by now, how do I, the H.R, show up late for a meeting I called?

“Damn Clayton!” I swear under my breath, dropping despairingly to the floor to properly tend to my straps. “If he hadn’t knocked me off last night with that fat meat between his thin hips, I wouldn’t have had cause to oversleep this morning.”

Finally securing my straps, I jump up on my feet and snatch my car keys, hanging down on the Resin bird hanger by the wall. Ready to go, I hurry towards the door, pull it open, and the sight that meets my eyes sends my feet, staggering backward in lightning speed!

My back knocks against the sofa and I fall flat on my butt, “Ter-ry!!!” I exclaim, flabbergasted.

“Hi baby,” he smirks, with all the confidence in the world.

This can’t be happening… this is not happening… how is this happening?!

He looks radiating standing there under the morning sun, in his gray suit and clean shave. His hands are in his pocket and mine are grasping fearfully unto the arm of the sofa behind me.

How is this possible!…

“How are you baby?” He says, stepping one foot into my living room.He begins to march towards me and I scoot sideways on my arms, drenched in fear, “But, yo-u-u- ‘re dead!”



One thought on “UNREAL.”

  1. I can only imagine the confusion of starting a fresh life and then, the one once entangled to resurfaces…especially when thought dead.. I hope is unreal…

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