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Xavier’s fingers laced through mine as we giggled down the Argelès-sur-Mer beach, hopping our way forward like two teenagers on a summer trip only that this, was more than a summer trip; it was our honeymoon!

The sand on the beach squished between our toes and we paused to dance, giggling and swirling under the dark sky and to the sounds of the waves, crashing against the shore.

I was ecstatic, and I could tell that Xavier felt the excitement too. Still whimsical, we broke away and started to run ahead.

It was the middle of September when the beach got dark early and it was still hot in the season. The crowd was less than one would expect at a beach; thanks to the students being back in school.

With our backpack hanging down Xavier’s back, we continued to run in no particular direction, stopping only when we found ourselves at the north end of the beach.

“We’re the only ones here Jasmine,” Xavier observed, panting through his mouth.

I chuckled, and dropped to my knees, “Pass me some water babe,” I said, feeling equally shaken from our little exercise.

Xavier shrugged the bag off his back and sank his knees into the sand beside me. He unzipped the bag, collected a bottle of water, uncocked it and, handed it to me.

I received the bottle from him and gulped most of the fluid down my throat. Satisfied, I handed the bottle back to Xavier and he drank the rest of the water. Our breathing was almost stable now.

Still on our knees, with hands pressing down on our thighs, we watched the water, and as it steadily washed across the shore, our breathing stabilized.

“It’s so peaceful here,” I said.

Xavier looked around, “I can’t believe we’re the only ones here.”

I followed his stare and noticed that this side of the beach was almost deserted, I couldn’t believe our luck. Eager to make the most of our night, I reached forward and pulled the backpack to myself, I reached into the bag and retrieved the large beach blanket that Xavier and I had packed back in our hotel room, and his eyes lit with excitement.

We had anticipated this moment, talked about it, and planned for it for the past year since we got married, and now that it was finally happening, we were both excited.

Together, naked on the beach, somewhere in the south of France, this was it!

Xavier joined me on his feet and together, we spread the beach blanket down on the sand.

I felt excited.

“This should do,” Xavier said and eagerly reached into the bag for the bottle of champagne and plastic party cups.

As he set it down on the blanket, I glanced around one more time to confirm that we were still alone, satisfied, and with the enthusiasm of a child, I lifted my hands and removed my dress over my head. I crumpled the dress in my hands and shoved it into the bag just as Xavier was undoing the buttons of his t-shirt.

The night breeze blew across my skin and I savored the sweet feel; it was not too cold, just perfect for the night we had planned.

“My god Jasmine, you look beautiful!”

I blushed.

“Did you pick that lingerie out for me? For this?”

Men with their silly questions, “Of course I did!” I rolled my eyes, “I wasn’t going to come on my honeymoon, less prepared?”

He took two steps to stand right in front of me, “Of course you were not,” his voice was filled with desire which made me chuckle excitedly, “oh boy!” He remarked.

His eyes shimmered as they wandered over me, he took my fingers by the tip and spun me around, “Babe, you’re perfect!” he said, and the sincerity in his voice aroused my senses. I felt so beautiful and confident.

He held a finger up in the air, “Wait,” he said, then bent over and picked the wine and plastic cups.

He handed the cups to me and proceeded to peel the foil coverage off the champagne’s cork. I was watching him with a plastered grin across my lips. With the foil off, he twisted the muselet in six quick twists and the cork came ripping out the bottle, followed by the signature pop sound.

We giggled and watched as a light waft of white fog slowly exhaled from the bottle, followed by the rise of gurgling bubbles flowing from the top of the bottle!

I held out my empty cup and Xavier poured me a delicious amount then filled his cup.

“To us,” he said, holding the glass in front of him and looking at me. “I love you, Jasmine. Our love story began over twenty years ago: you were always that popular girl in high school and I was the shy awkward nerd who couldn’t have imagined, that I’ll win the heart of the prettiest girl I’ve ever known, nor have the honor of having her marry me, many years later. You’re everything babe and for as long as I breathe, I would love you – this is an assurance—”


“I love you, Mrs. Jasmine Wong,” he touched his cup to mine, “Happy married life to us.”

“I love you,” I replied, “There’s no better person I could have wanted to do life with. Happy anniversary.”

And to that, standing on our feet, we drank from our cups, watching each other.



Xavier and I laid down on our beach blanket, on the shore of the ocean. The moon and stars were out, shining down on us, and the water clapped against the shore, blue and bright, running over our bare feet.

I stood up on my feet and looked down on Xavier as I reached my hands to my back and undid the ropes of my bikini top. Xavier’s eyes lit up at the sight of my breasts, falling bare under the moonlight. Charged by the desire in his eyes and determined to arouse him even further, I slipped my fingers down to my hips and simultaneously, unknotted the ropes on my bikini bottoms.

The fabric fell on the blanket and Xavier’s breathing heightened, “Jas_s_mine!”

“Your turn,” I reminded him and he jumped to his feet and slipped his shorts down his legs and off his feet in one single swipe.

He eagerly hugged my naked body to himself and our mouths crashed, hungrily against each other.

Everything about France had been romantic thus far: from the amazing scenery to the breathtaking spots we had visited in the past days to the people and now to this enchantingly beautiful lonely beach! I felt like a teenager again: excited, and full of life!

I welcomed Xavier’s tongue and my eyes slid shut as the warmness of his breath sent tingling sensations through my veins.

We lowered down unto the blanket and Xavier’s fingers brushed against the fullness of my breast, just as the waves slapped beautifully against the beach shore.

The tip of his fingers enveloped my already hard nipple, and as he tweaked the taut pink flesh and rolled it clockwise between his fingers, I hissed into his mouth, “Bab_be.”

Xavier’s hand swept up my neck and into the back of my hair. He grabbed a hand full of hair, slowly tugged my neck backward, and began to plant soft wet kisses up and down my neck.

His left hand, cupped my right breast; fondling sensually as his tongue trailed wet kisses up and down the flesh of my neck

“Xa_a_avier…” My lips moaned his name, parting widely next to his head.

His lips rushed away from my earlobe, back down to my neck, and then up to my cheeks…

Sloopy kisses covered my face, stroked my nose and finally, settled back on my mouth, all the while, his hand kept kneading the flesh of my breast and tweaking the nipple.

Xavier gently pushed me down on the blanket and leaned into me, kissing me passionately on the mouth. His fingers trailed a straight line from the opening between my breasts, lightly down to the golden curls that grew in between my thighs.

When his hand slid into my thigh and touched the soft heat between my legs, I trembled.

I moaned and sent my thighs wide apart… giving his fingers more room.

Xavier fell to the blanket on his back and before he would make another move, I climbed over him so that, my laps were to his face and my face was staring at the hard erection, protruding between his legs.

I kissed his cap, before parting my lips to send my tongue, swirling around the perfectly crafted cap. I licked the salty fluid, seeping out of the tip and I clasped the length with my right hand and began to bob up and down his full length, drooling as I went.

Xavier heaved against the swell of my butt. Hissing in pleasure, he groped both cheeks, giggled them as if his life depended on it. He sent a soft spank across the flesh on both cheeks, kneaded them, before spreading them apart.

I moaned, mouth full of him. I swallowed his length and felt his tip at the back of my throat… I gaged and slipped up for air before gliding back on again.

I loved it!

He felt so full, so intrusive inside my mouth and I just kept going.

My fingers cupped his balls at the same time that he ran his fingers through the wetness of my parted thighs and I quivered, inching back against his face.

His hands grabbed the cheeks of my butt and without a moment to prepare myself for what was to come, I felt his tongue, warm and hard on the tip of my clitoris. He buried his head under my butt and lapped the juice from my mound as it flowed over into his mouth.

My thighs were beginning to shake uncontrollably…

His lips pulled softly at the swollen flesh of my clitoris then his tongue went back in, licking the tip in upward strokes.

My waist was gliding against his face now, my breath heightened, I threw my head backward with my hand securely around his length as I enjoyed the immerse pleasure, coursing through my veins.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I crawled the rest of my body down to his thighs and straddled him with my legs on each side of his body.

With my right hand, I reached underneath and guided his stiffness into my waiting moistness. With the head of his rod, pressing into my wetness, I glide down on him until he was buried to my tilt. His engorged veins robbed against my tightness and heightened my pleasure

My back was his view and my view was the beach!

god, I was excited!

I twirled, slowly with him buried inside me… Then, I planted my hands on his thighs and began to push up and down his length.

As I hopped, rolling my hips to angles where I felt him the most, a wave of energy rushed through me and I uprooted my hands from his thighs and sunk them behind me, with my back now inches away from his face.

Xavier sent his hands around my chest and as they squeezed on my breast, I felt my body lost in rapture and I yelped and suspended my hips in the air as warm fluid came gushing out of me and spilling down onto Xavier’s thighs.

“Yea-a-ah baby!” Xavier groaned excitedly.

He gently pushed me forward so that I was bending over on all fours. Then, he knelt between my legs with both our eyes, overlooking the ocean.

He kneaded my butt then plunged himself into me and I gasped! excited at the invasion.

His hands crossed over my butt and he began to dive in and out of me in quick tempos of sharp and deep thrusts.

His breath heightened, my cries got louder.

Guttural moans escaped his lips and I felt my body begin to tighten as another orgasm welled through me…

“Xav-vier-r-r-rrrr!” I clutched the edges of the blanket and he stiffened inside me, quaking, as his seed emptied inside me.


He stayed inside me, then gently, he pushed me flat on the blanket and stretched out on my back. Soft kisses visited my neck, earlobe, and shoulders. I smiled and parted my lips to say something to Xavier when we heard chattering voices of teenagers, walking on the beach and towards us.

Beams of torchlights followed and Xavier and I jumped to our feet, scrambled our belongings, and ran off, giggling.




                                                                                                                                  THE END.





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