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I could see the green leaves on the trees from my window, swaying gently to the Singapore’s morning breeze.

Chirping birds flew onto the crooked branches, perched and hopped, before flying away again – they had the freedom of movement, unlike Norman and I – locked down in this apartment.

I thought about my dog back home; Betsy. I had called my mum to take her in.
My condo would be so lifeless, and dusty now!
I thought about work and my best friend, Xin. She had chuckled over the fact that I was trapped in this apartment with Norman.

“Oh my god!” she had exclaimed when I told her Norman and I won’t be coming back to Bangkok due to the lockdown directive, and that we were sharing an apartment, for convenience. “I wish I were in your shoes.”

“Oh shut up!” I had laughed it off.

“No seriously, he’s like the hottest Executive we’ve ever had, and that apartment? It is so-oo cozy” She commented on the intimate space she could see via FaceTime. “You should totally for go it,” she suggested.


“I’m serious Mia, with a hot guy like Norman, and an apartment that gorge? I guarantee you’ll be dripping waters in no time!” she concluded and we guffawed at her statement.

Now, lying here on the eighth day of the lockdown, watching my window, I could hear Norman from the bathroom.
The sound of the running shower and splattering water filled my ears, and I began to reminisce on how much we had grown close over the past seven days.

At first, it had been awkward and we acted just like we did at work – formal and brief, but trapped together with nowhere to go, we only had each other to relate with, and so we did.

We talked more, on lighter notes. We watched the news, he even made breakfast and invited me to join him.
That morning, as we sat chatting over our meal, I noticed for the first time how the corners of his eyes squinted every time he laughed. He had the cliché beauty of a leading actor; narrow face, straight-edged nose, full hair… he even had the square chin with a dimple in the center.

His eyes were blue and they shone even brighter when he was talking passionately about something he cared about, or adamant in convincing me why a shot of espresso contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

“Hey!” his voice rang into my thoughts.

I turned to catch him standing at the bathroom’s doorway and my eyes widened at the sight. As tall as the door, he had nothing but a white towel, wrapped loosely around his waist. His lips were smiling casually at me while his hand had a small towel to his brown hair, wiping almost vigorously.

My eyes looked down from his face to his bare chest, and I swallowed hard at the firm dampened flesh.
I had just spotted the V-cut on his abdomen when he said,
“The water was great!” and turned around and began walking towards the closet, giving me a full view of his small waist and flat buttocks

I remembered what was said about men with flat buttocks
I turned to my side in one swift, away from his toned back and strong legs and I bite my fingers, pressing my legs together in an effort to contain the throb that had begun to pulsate at my now moist folds.

Spppssshhh went his body spray and I submerged under the scent of the woody aquatic fragrance.
This wasn’t helping.

I continued to stare at the wall and I imagined him stepping into his briefs.
The bed shook when he jumped into it, completely engulfing me in his scent.
I was so turned on.

“Hey, check this out!” he called, oblivious of the war going on in between my thighs.
I turned my body to look at the Mac Pro sitting on his laps.
“What do you think?” he asked, referring to the open Excel page. I could see letters and figures but it was all gibberish in my head as I was burning too hot between my thighs to make sense of anything he was showing me right now.

His lips were moving – he was saying something but I was too dazed to comprehend. Still, I watched his moving lips, full and wide, teeth breaking forth in a smile now and then and I could not take it any longer.

I reached out my hand and placed it on his chin, and his lips abruptly stopped moving. He turned to look at me just as I pulled my body upwards to be inches away from his face.

I saw his eyes squint, first with surprise, then almost immediately, relaxed and grew dim with desire. He slipped his Mac Pro away from his laps then lifted his left hand to rest tenderly on the side of my face.
I felt as light as a feather.

His thumb moved against my jaw and we gazed into each other’s eyes with nothing but the hushed sounds of our breathing between us.
I melted at this closeness… at this man, at these blue eyes, arresting my very soul…

When his head began to close the distance between us, my eyes instinctively slid shut. His breath found me first – minty and fresh, his perfume, even stronger now, filled my nostrils, then I felt his lips – soft and warm, touching down on mine, so delicate… like butterfly wings.

I felt his tongue tickle mine, and I gasped from suppressed desire, “Oh, Nor-rman!”
Our lips merged and I swam my tongue past his lips into the warm moistness that laid within. Like rippled water, our tongues danced, slowly at first, and then, all at once…

“Mai…” he groaned into my mouth and I could only breath, wordlessly as his tongue continued to twirl warmly against mine.
He kissed my nose, nibbled down on my upper lip and caressed my entire mouth with his.
He kissed my nose again and licked my chin… my entire face was in his palms and I was his to take.

When his tongue met my neck, I cried softly in pleasure.
It trailed teasingly, leaving heated sensations as it glided towards my ears.
The heat rose in my cheeks when I felt my earlobe on his tongue. He swirled across my ears and my lips cried out his name, again, “No-r-r-rman…”

He snatched the duvet away from my body and turned my back to the bed. The right strap of my red negligee was falling down my arm, exposing the tip of my pink nipple. Norman groaned gutturally and stroked the hard nipple with a finger before reaching down to lick at it. Exciting chills coursed through my body and I grabbed onto his hair for dear life.

He peeled the other strap of my negligee down my arm and began to caress the left breast with his hand while his tongue, continued to work on my left nipple, with his teeth interchangeably… licking and scratching. I lay in surrender; head dropped backward, with lips parted in soft moaning.

I felt the negligee decline and sweep completely off my body, leaving my white panties behind. I opened my eyes to watch Norman remove his t-shirt, except for his briefs…which was engorged in the middle.
As he lowered himself down over me, I reached my hand and touched his chest

He felt as taut as a board!

He laid down beside me and pulled me closer so that we were wrapped in each other, skin on skin, breath to breath. His lips found mine again and we lay kissing while our hands caressed our bodies continuously. I could feel my dripping waters, like Xin had put it, they were soaked in the middle of my panties and brushing against Norman’s folded knee placed in between my thigh
What a feeling!!

Our bodies tossed on the firm mattress.
When Norman finally slipped his fingers into my panties, he touched the hood of my clitoris – soaked in warm juice… and I shuddered in excitement.

His middle finger rubbed the hood and I could not take it anymore…
Yet, he didn’t stop.
His finger made circular movements on my juiced clitoris while his lips kissed and groaned against my mouth.
My fingers were digging into the skin on his back as I felt carried away in ecstasy…

My legs began to quake and Norman abruptly rose to kneel at my feet. He picked the sides of my panties and dragged it down my thighs and off my legs. He pushed my legs apart before getting down on his stomach. His arms wrapped around both thighs and pulled me down closer to his face.

I felt the breath from his nose and it tickled me in longing anticipation.
When his tongue – long and hot, gently stroked the length of my soaked bean, I shuddered.
He went in circles… upwards continuous strokes… before dipping his tongue deep into my opening to dig in and out….

My lips were whimpering at this point and my waist rocked in circles, round and round against his face.
My moaning became so high pitched that I wondered if the walls could contain it, yet, too excited to care who heard us, I placed both hands on my breasts and squeezed my nipples as Norman continued to lap my juices and eat me like I was the last snack left in quarantine.

I had to have him!

I pulled away and before he could comprehend what I was going to.do, I pushed his back to the bed, hungrily dragged his briefs down his waist to reveal his fully erect rod, throbbing from side to side.
I flung the briefs to the floor and straddled him.
Almost impatiently, I guided my waist on top of him…

He grunted as my walls gripped him. I felt his hands take hold of my breasts and I slid down, down until he was completely buried inside me, then I pulled back up, and went down on him again, trailing him with warm wet juices
It felt so delicious!!

My waist began to rock faster, moving in different angles as the sweet sensation sped through me.
My nipples were between his fingers and my hands pressed down on his chest as my waist rode him.
Our cries echoed….

I could feel him, thick and heavy inside me, brushing as I guided my waist to corners that tickled me the most.
I felt in charge. I felt powerful, I felt beautiful as I sat in control, on top of this man.

I wanted to look at him, but I kept my eyes shut to feel every moment, every sweetness… every thrilling sensation as it continued to build in my center, and sweep down my legs.

When I leaned backward and planted my hands behind my feet, I felt his right fingers leave my breast and settle on my clitoris – his thumb rubbed the tip of my clitoris at the same time that my waist rocked forward and backward on his length….

This man was driving me to cloud 9!
As both hands continue to work on my nipple and clitoris at the same time, warm fluid gushed out of my urethral opening and I whimpered.
It drowned his moving finger and splashed onto his stomach

“Oh yea-aahhh” he groaned and I didn’t stop.
I was now moving in lightning speed, my mouth was agape, eyes shut tight as I felt myself about to explode completely…
He groaned persistently, he was getting there too…

I could sense him, just as I felt my walls contrast and tingle until I quaked uncontrollably, erupting in a satisfying climax!

His seed, almost immediately, filled me up.

…The EnD.


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