I watched the empty streets from the window of my bedroom…

It was as quiet as a grave, except for the whistling of the soft breeze.

Littered white paper lay carelessly on the tiled road, dry leaves that had fallen from the trees above fidgeted on the ground. Torn sachets of water flew with every sweep of the wind, but it didn’t go very far before it dropped bored to the ground.

In a close distance, a uniform police officer patrolled the deserted street. With a green mask fitted over his nose and white gloves worn on his hands, he gripped a long cane in his right hand and a rifle, hung down his left shoulder.

It was the virus, it was in the air – invisible and unseen, no one knew where it stood or where it came from. No one knew when they had been hit, no one knew who carried it, not until 14 days after.

People were dying…

Breaths were being taken away

We were forced to stay at home, everyone was quarantined, not a soul to be seen on the streets or in the pubs.

Lives were put on hold; offices were empty, schools were shut down and the students sent home. Markets were bare as sellers had crammed their goods and gone home to lurk. Borders of Countries and Cities were closed – you could not go in, you could not come out. The entire world was shut down, in fear of the virus.

The police officer would not hesitate to utilize that long cane in his hand should he sight a soul…. worst, his rifle.

I swept the curtain back over my window and looked down at my hands… the blood was still dripping from the knife clung in my clenched fist.

I turned and headed back to the bathroom. Pushing the door open, I stepped into the large white space.

Her body was lifeless, spread out in a pool of her own blood, eyes still open, in shock, it seemed.

Fucking bitch!

The stab wounds should be over a thirty, just as reported on those crime channels

Ikenna’s tied up body wrestled unsuccessfully by the corner, next to the toilet. He was mumbling something behind the gag on his mouth. His eyes were red with terror, and the sweat drizzled uncontrollably down his so handsome face.

What a satisfying sight!

I marched towards him and he scooted backward in fear. Legs bond and hands tied behind his back, not his best struggle could set him free. The drug had sedated him, weakened his limbs and given me enough time to make no mistakes.

I squatted down in front of him, and with a satisfying smile, removed the gag from his mouth.

Saliva came spitting from his mouth to my face and I clenched my eyes shut in reflex.

“You’ll never get away with this!” he swore.

I sent a bitter slap across his face, “and you’ll never fuck my sister again!” I screamed.

Angry, I shoved the gag roughly back into his mouth. Jumped over the dead girl’s body and slammed the bathroom door behind me.

How could he? I questioned as I paced the floor of our bedroom, biting my left fingers, how could he not be sorry, how could he not see that I had done this for us? For our love, for our home? That little bitch had seduced him, wearing fitted clothes that clung to her thick body, parading around the house and igniting his desires, that bitch was wrong, she had to go! She had to leave us alone! How could he not support me on this? I would let him loose if he would just be sorry… now he’s threatening me, how dare he!!!

I whizzed to the window, peeked behind the curtain, the police officer was still patrolling…

I stepped away from the window and dropped to the edge of the bed.

My heart was beating rapidly now.

Ikenna’s words had riled me up, how could he not understand that I did this for us? For our marriage… if I hadn’t tied him up, would my body be lying next to hers now?

God forbid!

Could he have cared for her? Or was it the baby that had been growing inside her?.

I jumped to my feet, breathless.

I had to think, fast, I had to make a decision.

My nerves wrecked. Why couldn’t he be sorry? Dosen’t he love me?

What now? Do I kill him too?…

Bangs escaped from the bathroom to my ears, stopping me in my tracks.

Muffled screams followed.

I rushed to the door and yanked it open, it was Ikenna, he had managed to scoot to the door and kick his legs against it

I got behind his back, snatched him back to the wall, next to the toilet where he belonged.

I stepped back in front of him and tightened the gag over his mouth, “you better shut the fuck up!” I demanded.

The End.


19 thoughts on “The LockDown”

  1. So many things happens in reality during this Lockdown….good one as usual..always a sweet read..

  2. So I started thinking it was about the Nigerian government, then I heard blood and it sounded like a horror film then I thought he was just injured, then someone was dead… oh no, and then it left the suspension and fear you get when expecting the next episode, pity for the dead, fear for this naive woman who surely has a bipolar affective disease… she is dead, lost forever in prison.

  3. Wow, the switch though! Even Shonda Rhimes should be learning from you. Well done babe, but is there a part 2🧐😁?

  4. So I read poetry and prose seamlessly presented in the first part of the story which speaks to the current circumstances of the World we live in. Then the switch to the tragicomedy of a love story gone bad leading to murder. It is creative as it is suspense drama, leaves the reader guessing.

  5. Hmmm what a switch and the final thoughts the piece leaves you with is just pure punishment on the readers mind. What happens next… How did we even get here..! Quite a thriller. Good one can’t wait for the ending, you dare not keep us hanging biko.

  6. Wawu…reading the beginning I thought it was just about the virus and lockdown . I did not expect the twist but how does it really end? Does she get away with it ?

    1. Brilliant!!!
      This is indeed what literary stuff are made of.
      The electrifying suspense, the magical turn of event and unpredictability.
      And the the symbolic patrol of the Lone Police officer looking for common lockdown defaulters and inadvertently ignoring real capital offences just above his head just blew my mind.
      Lovely plot!!!!!

  7. Oh damn, we have a sticky situation here. Chances are that she will still end up killing Ikenna and getting caught .

  8. Oh wow… Well written 👏🏽 Pls I’d love to know how it ended. It’s super interesting.

    I know you have an amazing personality but I didn’t know you could write this well. If you have other books I’d love to read them too.

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