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14th February 2014.

“Hmmn, so another man will marry you like this?” he teased her, basking in the thrill of satisfying lovemaking, “The most beautiful woman, sweetest of all.”

She laughed, shifting under the white sheets. Their bodies were still bare, cuddling each other. “If you didn’t break my heart, it would be you and I

“But I apologized—”

“And I told you before, cheating for me is a no-no —”

“Even when she didn’t mean anything?”

She rolled her eyes up at him.

“What!” he chuckled slightly, “You don’t believe me.”

“No, and I don’t want to remember.” She traced a finger down his hairy chest, “we don’t have much time, you know?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” he grinned, groping her bum under the sheets.

He leaned down into her and softly kissed her waiting lips, and she flung her arms around his neck. He swiftly turned her over so that she was lying supine.

He kissed her collar bone, tracing light kisses down to her navel…

“You make me feel so good,” she moaned, wiggling under him.

He pushed her legs apart and ran his tongue against the dampness between her thighs. 

“O-Ooh!” she cried.

***2nd July 2017***

Shola’s red manicured fingers trembled against her red lips as her feet paced frantically across the tiled floor of their lobby.

She hadn’t made it to the living room nor into their bedroom where she should be.

Her nude Chanel bag hung carelessly over the arm of their red leather sofa, exactly where she had flung it ten minutes ago.

“O-Oh my God!” she stuttered, her palms perspiring over her mouth “O-O-Oh my God!!”

Her feet clicked loudly against the floor, and her bladder swelled within her, but she would rather let it come undone than face Alex.

She threw a foot backward and reached down to pull her stiletto heel off her burning feet. She repeated the same action on the other leg and felt like yanking off her wig, which was, at that point, adding to her burden…

She would discharge right on that floor if she didn’t make it to the restroom immediately, so she whizzed into the guest toilet, clapped down the toilet seat, wiggled out of her panties, and plopped down on the toilet, just in time for urine to come splattering through.

A streak of tear ran down her now smeared makeup as she waited impatiently for her bladder to be emptied entirely.

She sniffed, tugged the tissue down its holder, and wiped herself clean. Then, she stood and flushed it down the drain.

She started to walk towards the door but paused by the mirror hanging down the wall. She was a beautiful woman: round-faced, long chin, small nose, long straight weave, but now with red eyes-puffy from crying since the hospital, she looked like a beautiful mess.

Her lips quivered downward, and she burst into fresh tears.

She allowed herself to cry in front of the mirror, then suddenly hastened out of the restroom to her handbag. She collected her iPhone and dialed her best friend – Adaora, then planted her hand to her hip and paced the floor as she listened to Adaora’s phone ring against her ear.

“Hello dear,” answered Adaora.

“Babe, I’m finished!” she got right into it, flinging her free hand over her head.

She didn’t think she would tell anyone, but at that point, she had to tell someone, at least one person.

“Why, what happened?” her friend’s tone became worried.

“I am finished Ada, I am finished,” she cried.

“Shola you are scaring me, what is it?”

“Ada my marriage is over—”

“Ooooo what is this na? What happened?”

“You remember Deji, Deji my—”

“Your ex.” 

“En heh!, that Deji, hei God!” Shola flapped her fingers frantically.

“Talk na, you are scaring me!”

“Before my wedding to Alex, I-I went to see him—”

“En heh?”

“We were just gisting, normal gist o—”

“So what happened?” 

“Just normal talk. One thing now led to another, and we had sex—”

“You slept with Deji?”

“I did, but that was three years ago! It was just goodbye sex, you know all these last sex with your ex before you walk down the aisle kinda thing—”

Adaora didn’t know, but she knew better than to admit that she didn’t. “But that was a long time ago,” she said instead, “why are we talking about it now? abi did Alex find out?”

“Babe, I think he is David’s father—”

“En!? Isi gini!”

“Ada, I’m finished, hei God!” the urge to pee returned, and she hopped around unsteadily.

“Deji, David’s father? How did you…, please where are you, are you at home?”

“Yes but you can’t come here now, Alex will be back any moment—”

“Does he know?”

“We found out at the same time, today, Ada I didn’t even know!”

“My God, but…”

The sound of Alex’s horn rang into the house.

“Is that him?” Adaora quickly inquired.

“Yes, I have to go.”

“Cal—” She started to say when Shola cut her off.

She flung her phone to the sofa, and her feet paced, almost sprinting. 

She could hear the gate pushed open, followed by the sound of her husband driving into the compound.

She listened as he got out of the car, and slammed the door, a bang that resonated in Shola’s mind like a clap of thunder.

She imagined him walking towards the house, and her chest knotted.

The front door opened, and she could feel the tension on her bladder again.

Alex stepped into the anteroom and jammed the door loudly behind him.

He stood still by the doorway, staring at his wife with a frown she thought was the scariest she had ever seen.

She could see his tightened jaw pulsating against his chin. His eyes darkened with rage, and his chest rose and fell behind his brown polo tee shirt.

Shola pleaded with her eyes, lips quivering.

“Get out!” Alex commanded when he could finally find his voice. Shola immediately sunk her knees to the floor and pleaded, rubbing her palms together. 

“Get out!” he repeated, his tone a trifle louder.

“I can explain—”

 “I am going to count to five, and if you are not gone by the count of five, I will throw you out myself. You really don’t want me to do that.” He warned, eyes reddened with fury.

“B-baby, please give me a—”


“Baby, I didn’t know.” Her hands rubbed faster together.


“Baby, I swear to God I had no idea that—”


“I love you…” she cried, “Remember our vow—”

“Four, five!” He charged at her, and she sprung on all fours to the back of the sofa.

“I am sorry,” she spoke behind the sofa.

Alex twirled to reach her and she ducked, crawling out to the water dispenser.

He jumped on top of the sofa and stomped down in front of her.

Shola rose to her feet, and Alex followed on her heels. She ran to the sofa, snatched her bag, and stood begging with her back against the wall.

Alex’s chest rose and fell with his fists clenched by his side. He stood still, glaring daggers at her.

“I can explain,” she cried, “I promise, it’s you I love—”

He sprinted towards her and reached his hand over her head. Shola dodged his grasp and ran to her shoes. 

She plucked them from the floor just as Alex snatched her by the hair. Her wig came off with his hand, and Shola ran forward.

He threw the wig to the floor and chased her around the sofa.

He seized her from the back, and she screamed. He lifted her by the waist with her body struggling to break free.

“Baby please,” she begged, holding tightly onto her bag and shoes.

Alex turned the doorknob with one hand and threw her out into the yard. She sprung towards the door, and Alex jumped behind it and slammed the heavy wood shut.

“Aaaarrrgh!!!!!!!!!” he roared. 


***4th July 2017***

“Doctor, how is he?” Alex’s mother asked as she hovered over David’s bed, wrestling with one arm of her wrapper.

Securing the cloth safely, she placed her palm over the sleeping boy’s temple and looked up at the doctor removing his stethoscope from his ears.

“He will be okay, mama,” the young doctor replied, “Is this his last drip?” he directed his question to the nurse standing beside him and taking notes.


“The blood has circulated properly round his body, and he is responding well to his medication,” the doctor explained to Alex and his mother, “He should be fit to go home by evening.” 

“Thank you, Doctor,” they chorused.

“Any further questions?”

“No,” Alex spoke, rising to his feet. He extended his hand to the doctor, “Thank you.”

The doctor shook his hand, nodding.

The nurse led the way out of the private ward, with the doctor following closely behind. Alex’s mother closed the door securely after them, then turned to her son in exclamation, “Ah, Shola!” with her hands crossed over her stomach.

Alex tapped his foot continuously on the floor with his body leaning forward on his knees.

She held out her palm and cocked her head slightly to the side, “Obi I told you not to marry that girl o, ehn? I warned you, but you were so in love you didn’t listen to anybody. But me I saw it! the way that girl is so beauty conscious, carrying herself sekpe sekpe like one butterfly, ehn?”

Alex hissed, “Mama, this is not helping my situation right now—”

“Why will it help? When I was warning you, did you listen? Now, look at this fine boy,” she gesticulated towards David, “How can I let him go, just like that, my only grandson, my only grandchild, chai, Shola has finished me!” She threw her hands over her head and started to cry.

“Mama stop this thing na, you will wake David. Just stop cryi—”

The door pushed open, slightly nudging Alex’s mother, who was still standing by it. The aged woman stepped aside and rudely looked out for who was walking in.

“You want to push me down?” She snapped at meekly looking Shola, stepping into the ward, “did you not see me standing by the door?”

She gently closed the door behind her, “Mama, good morning. I’m sorry I did not see you.”

“Why will you see?” she queried, “Am I a man? If it was man now, your eyes go shine enter road!” 

She hissed lengthily and turned to her son. “Give me my bag, I am going.”

Alex stretched his hand to the bedside table, picked up his mother’s bag, then rose to his feet.

“Are you leaving?” Shola asked him softly, ignoring her mother-in-law’s eyes as they shot her daggers up and down, “Please let me talk to you.”

“Mama abeg let’s get out of here!”

The aged woman nodded firmly, turned around, and opened the door. 

As Alex made to leave, Shola softly took hold of his hand, and he instantly yanked free.

He whirled around, pointing a warning finger to her face and gritting his teeth, “Don’t you ever touch me again!”

A tear jumped down Shola’s eye, and she watched as Alex stomped out of the ward.

Alone, she remained still, with her back to her son’s bed, allowing the warm tears to cascade down her cheeks. 

“Mum?” David murmured, coming awake.


To Be Continued

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  1. Wow… a real reflection of the struggles in family living, love, broken trust and pains that accompanies such… great creative mind, suspense filled and great style presentation.

  2. Innocent David….the boy should not bear the brunt…

  3. Ok na. Make we dey enjoy the suspense dey go. Very good Piece.

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  5. Monday can’t come soon enough…
    This story is really gripping, Kylie.. 👏 👏

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