“Are you seeing someone else?”

His words caused her head to spring from her phone. She had been smiling down at a funny comment someone wrote on Instagram, phone clasped in her left hand, fork in the other hand, feeding herself the plate of spaghetti that sat on the dining table before her.

Now she was staring at Arthur,

seated at the opposite end of the long table, hand stretched out on the ceramic surface, body leaning back into the chair, eyes staring uncertainly, lips tightened, afraid for the worse.

She wasn’t surprised that he would ask her that, after all, he was the one she cheated on her first husband with, but that was because she was unhappy, had been for a really long time that she lost hope.

She was a shadow of herself, numb, empty.., so that Sunday afternoon when she laid in Arthur’s bed after months of having him as a friend and constant confidant, it didn’t feel like cheating, for in her mind, she had left her husband a long time ago, all that was left was her body – a presence without a soul.

Now over year later, divorced and living with Arthur, she was the happiest she had ever been.

She had peace, she had companionship. He was her friend, he was her lover. He saw her for everything her ex husband did not.

He listened to her, he believed in her, he saw her worth and appreciated the woman that she was.

He shared in the things that made her happy, all the little things and he didn’t seem to mind.

He stood above her intellectually which made her a better person. He didn’t scream, he didn’t lose his temper. Instead, he guided her, softly but firmly.

She loved him, she was in love with him! A feeling she had thought she was too broken to feel again.

It had taken her a long time to find someone like Arthur, all her life, she had searched and waited on him, and even though he didn’t come at the time she would have wanted him to, she was very grateful to have him at all.

Many people lived an entire lifetime without knowing the kind of love she knew with Arthur.

She was not going to cheat on him, not after how difficult it took to find him, not after every heart break she had ever experienced, all that hurt that led her to him.

She knew what she had and she was not going to mess it up, not for anything in the world.

He was her home now, but lately she had been working a lot, she got a new job in a multinational company, something she hadn’t thought would happen to her, so she was excited, putting in all the needed hours, focusing on building herself as an independent woman.

He could give her everything and he did, but she wanted to be her own woman, she was not going to depend solely on a man, ever again.

She was concentrated on herself and her son who still lived with her momma, so much that she unintentionally neglected the man who had given her a home – in his heart and in this very choice area of Abuja.

She let the fork drop down to the plate. She placed her cellphone on the table, pushed the chair backwards, rose to her feet and strolled to his end of the table.

His jaw tightened.

She lowered herself unto his laps and looked lovingly into his deep brown eyes, they were sad and that made her sad too.

She heaved a sigh and rested her right elbow on his shoulder, she ran a finger along his almost perfect eyebrow before dropping her eyes down to his beautifully crafted lips.

She lifted them back to look into his eyes, and in the most sincere tone that she could mutter, she said,

“No, I am not seeing someone else.”


8 thoughts on “HOME.”

  1. Ahn ahn! What is all this na?! *fuming*

    Tomorrow I will print out placards to protest this sort of malicious teasing…

  2. Gal….. All this drama… Feels like emotional blackmail to me… Anoda form of gaslighting……
    Nice piece.. As always.

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