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Rosemary stood still by the white door, trying not to breathe too hard. The hallway, dimly lit by the recessed light reflecting from the antechamber, stood still with her. She could hear the clock ticking in the distance – tick tock, tick tock, reminding her of the twenty minutes she had spent standing by his door. 

She heaved nervously, digging her teeth into her lower lip. This wasn’t her. She never thought it would be, yet, here she stood, in her red one-piece lingerie, wanting him.

She slid her fingers in between her legs; it was still drippy. She frowned as if expecting her folds not to match her cravings. She thought about making a quick about-turn, up the stairs and back to her bedroom but no, not tonight; she was tired of touching herself, it had always helped, but then it stopped. He would feel better. She knew he would.

“Oh, God!” She heaved, dropping the back of her head against the wall behind her. She looked up at the screeded ceiling, letting her eyes wander above aimlessly.

This was hard.

She felt sick to her stomach just standing there, but Rosemary was a lonely woman. She didn’t want to go back to an empty bed, not tonight, not this cold February night.

She turned her head to stare at his white door. She bit her lip again, thinking. What would he say? What would he do? She was almost sure he would not refuse her; she had caught his stare one too many times, hints of desire lingering underneath his honey brown eyes.

This was it!

She curled her brown toes into her white fur slides, bit the tip of her finger, and pulled her body away from the wall. It took one step for her to be standing right in front of his door.

Ignoring the ringing in her ears, she gently reached for the doorknob and turned it quietly. The door pushed open, and she peeped headfirst into the darkroom before pulling the rest of her body inside.

Quietly, she pressed the door close behind her. She traced the right side of the wall for the switch and flicked it on. Emeka’s eyes twitched but stayed close.

She tore away from the door and strolled to his bed. He was fast asleep in nothing but gray briefs. His legs spread out on the well-made mattress, one stretched out straight and the other folded to his knee. His head rested sideways in the palm of his folded arm. His fair chiseled chest rose and fell with every breath he took.

She stared down at his beautiful body, parting her lips longingly. She felt a prick of guilt, but it was too late. She was here now. There was no going back, not with the way her inner lips continued to pulsate in between her thighs.

Noiselessly, she lowered herself onto the edge of his bed. Then, with an uneasy lump in her throat, shaky fingers, and eyes fixed on his face for a reaction, she gently touched his chest.

His closed eyes cramped. She stopped and waited for him to relax back into sleep.

As he did, she moved her fingers further up his chest, Emeka’s body twitched this time, and he jumped out of sleep, seizing her hand defensively, “Rose!” he exclaimed, as his brain registered her face, “What are you doing here?!…”

She stared at him, wide-eyed, embarrassed, and glued to her spot. Her eyes dropped down to her palm, still gripped in his hand.

“I’m sorry!” he hastily apologized, instantly letting go of her tender brown hand. He was wide awake now.

She looked back at him, and they stared into each other’s eyes. He had climaxed to the thought of her one too many times, but never in the past eight months did he think she would be sitting here, in his bed, beside him.

And then it slowly hit him; this was his dream coming true, so he relaxed and admired her bare face instead.

She was so beautiful, always has been. Her brown skin glowed under the led light of his room. He liked the way her full dark weave adorned the sides of her oval face, falling over her shoulders and down to her back.

His eyes dropped to her full lips, and he swallowed hard. He had always liked how her upper lip maintained a darker shade than her lower pink lip.

His eyes lifted back up to stare into her wide-set eyes. She looked unsure, almost scared. He could see the tears forming in the corners of her eyes, so he gently reached out and took her right hand into his, and her neatly carved brows shot up in relief. He pulled her close, moving backward so that she could climb into the bed.

He pulled her on top of him so that her legs were straddling his sides. Rosemary wrapped her arms around his neck and pinned her forehead down to his.

Shutting her eyes, she heaved against his face.

Emeka could almost not contain himself. Rosemary was in his room, sitting on top of him; there was no better definition of happiness than this. So he rubbed her silky lingerie against her back and moved his hands around to grope her bell-shaped breasts, and she squeezed her closed eyes, moaning softly.

Reaching underneath her bum, Emeka dragged up the sleeveless lingerie and raised her hands, allowing him to pull it over her head and toss it to the floor.

He leaned back just enough to admire her body. “Damn!” he groaned. He could feel himself growing down the side of his leg, dying to break free. “You are still as perfect!” he muttered, almost breathlessly.

She took his face into her hands and lifted it to her face. With quivering lips, she pressed her mouth down to his, and he hungrily slipped his tongue in between her lips.

He rolled her over, dropping her back to the bed.

He knelt between her parted legs and roamed his eyes all over her admiringly. If this was a dream, he thought, may he never wake up.

He eagerly ruffled out of his shorts, and Rosemary’s eyes bulged lustfully as he came free before her – heavy and long. She could feel the quivering of her inner lips, dripping from excitement.

Emeka lowered himself over her and placed his tip at her moist entrance. He pushed inside her with a steady plunge and watched as she gasped, and her eyes rolled back into her head.

“There she is!” Jax called heartily as a yawning Rosemary strolled into their large kitchen. “Come here belle,” He dropped the daily paper he had been reading and stretched both arms towards her.

Rosemary was stunned. She glanced up at the wall clock before walking into her husband’s embrace. “It’s almost 11 a.m, when did you get back?” she hadn’t expected him to be home.

“Thirty minutes ago,” he said, lowering her onto his left lap, and she dropped her arms over his shoulders. “The maid said you were sleeping, so I decided to let you have your beauty rest.”

“I can’t believe I slept in so late,” she yawned again, closing a palm over her mouth.

“You must have had a long night…” he remarked, smiling intently at her. Rosemary had never liked his persistent smiles, he called it being polite, but she found it rather annoying because she knew how insincere there were most of the time.

“Good morning Ma,” Emeka greeted, setting down two plates of oatmeal and toasted bread before them.

She glanced at him quietly.

“So tell me belle” Jax continued, calling her attention back to his strong face. “What kept you up last night? Didn’t you say you were going to bed by 10 p.m when I called?….”

They startled, jerking their heads in the direction of clinking glass shattering to the floor.

“Hey, watch it!” Jax scowled at Emeka, who had dug his knees to the floor and hastily picked the broken tumbler pieces. “These things cost me money! you’re gonna break everything now?!”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Emeka dropped his head apologetically.

“You better be!”

“Why don’t we go upstairs,” Rosemary intervened suggestively, smooching his neck in a bid to appease him. “let’s go talk about your trip—”

“No!” he shoved her off his lap and rose to his feet. Rose staggered to the floor, and Emeka’s eyes observed helplessly from his hung head. “This good for nothing boy just ruined a beautiful tumbler. That was a gift from the Governor!” He quarreled, snatching his daily paper off the table. “You better clean this up!” he ordered before marching his tall, hefty figure towards the door.

Emeka waited for him to completely step out of the kitchen and jam the door after himself before rushing to Rosemary’s side. He tried to lift her to her feet, but she yanked her arm away from him, pulled herself up, and ran up the stairs to her room.

“Belle!” Jax knocked at Rosemary’s locked door.”Come on belle, you’ve been in there for thirty minutes…”

“Leave me alone!” she yelled.

“Belle I said I’m sorry. The maid said you won’t open the door, I’m here now, you’re not going to lock your husband out now would you?” he asked calmly, a threatening tone lacing his voice. “It’s my house belle.”

He listened with a satisfied smirk as Rosemary scrambled to her feet and began to advance towards the door.

She unlocked the white wood, pulled it open, and did a quick about-turn back to her bed, leaving him standing in the doorway.

“Oh, come on belle!” He remarked as he let himself in.

He walked to where Rosemary sat sulking, and he sat beside her, taking in her angry face and crossed arms. “I’m sorry belle.”

“You say that all the time,” she stated, careful not to raise her voice, “You embarrassed me,” she mumbled.

“Oh come on! it was just Emeka. You can’t possibly be feeling embarrassed in front of our chef?”

“But you’ve embarrassed me many other times before,” she insisted. “…before the maid, the driver, even the security man—”

“Okay,” he raised both hands in surrender. “I’ll tell you what, name anything you want, I’ll buy it,” he grinned, convinced that would do it.

She dropped her arms to her thighs exhaustedly. “You don’t get it, Jax!”

“Get what?” he scoffed, shrugging.

“It’s not always about the money…”

“Of course, it is always about the money” he was irritated. He almost could not believe she thought otherwise.

Rosemary shook her head, “I want more,” she said, looking down at her hands.

Jax stared at her dropped face, trying his best not to be enraged. He felt insulted hearing her insinuate that he wasn’t giving her enough. He tightened his jaw and slowly counted his words, “I have given you everything -brand new cars, clothes, gadgets, shoes, jewelry, weaves, you have things other wives could only dream of having, what more could you possibly want?”

“Companionship!” she announced, bravely holding his gaze. “Sex!! friendship!!! you are hardly here. You come in and go out all of the time, I’m all alone in this big house,” she gesticulated with her hands. “I want you,” she scooted closer, reaching for his muscular arm planted in the mattress. “I’m lonely, horny,” her voice trailed off.

“Are you saying I don’t satisfy you sexually?” he frowned, barely moving a muscle in his face. Rosemary felt his arm tighten against her palm, and she knew she had crossed the line.

She loosened her hold and shifted back into the bed. “No,” she dropped her head apologetically, “You do, I was mistaken.”

“And you are?”

“I’m sorry.”

Jax lifted his lips into a smile. “Good.” He rose to his feet, adjusting the hem of his sleeves. “I’ll be in my room, not that I expect you to bother me, I need to catch some sleep, I have a dinner to attend tonight.”

She looked up at his face. “Can I come with you?” her voice was unsure and pleading.

Jax shook his head, smiling ruefully. “No belle, a wife’s place is in the home.” He bent forward and placed a peck on her forehead. “I’ll transfer some money to your account from my room, the driver can accompany you shopping.”

He started to walk towards the door, stopped, and looked over his shoulders at Rosemary, who had turned her gaze to the wall. “I didn’t hear a thank you.”

“Thank you,” she replied, motionless.

He scoffed, nodding. He would let that attitude pass, for today at most.

He walked out of the room, banging the door loudly after himself.

Emeka was laughing with the other workers outside on the stairs. They watched in amusement as the security man relayed an incident of a girl he tried to woo the other day when Emeka’s phone chimed. He reached into his pocket and withdrew his android phone. It was Rosemary.

“Hello Ma,” he spoke first.

“Where are you?”

“I’m downstairs.”

“Come up to my room, don’t bother knocking, it’s open.”

“Okay Ma,” he hung up and returned the phone to his pocket.

“Guy!” he rose to his feet, shaking the security man’s hand, “I dey come. Ei be like say madam wan chop late-night food.”

“No wahala, but guy, that Nsala soup still dey?” he held a finger to his chin.

“See your mouth!” the young maid interrupted, “upon the plenty soup wey Emeka pack give you yesterday, you still dey ask that question. You no know say you finish am yesterday?”

“Chai Omalicha! Emeka see, the way this my wife dey carry talk to me ehn, na love dey just make me leave am o” he smiled broadly, revealing a set of brown teeth.

“Which wife? you fit marry me?”

Emeka laughed, “Guys abeg, make I dey go, Later.”

“Guy reason that Nsala o, ei bin too make sense.”

“No wahala, night don come now, tomorrow.” they shook hands and clicked fingers.

“You dey even answer am,” the maid hissed.

“See you! you go dey do as if all this love wey I dey show you no dey sweet your body,” he laughed, hitting her arm playfully.

“Abeg carry your hand comot my body” she warned the amused security man. “you wey dey toast woman yesterday yesterday like this.”

“Ah! na that one dey worry your body so?…”

Their voices grew distant as a smiling Emeka walked towards the main building. He opened the back door, stepped into the large kitchen, and made his way into the house and up the stairs to Rosemary’s room.

He pushed the door open and walked in on Rosemary, standing in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but a matching white two-piece strappy bikini, with her hair neatly brushed down to her back. He instantly felt his rod twitch.

“Shut the door.” she commanded, yet he found it so sexy.

He turned the key in the doorknob and walked to stand before her. “Rose?…”

“Ssshhh.” She placed a well-pedicured finger on his lips and then wrapped her free arm around his neck. “Kiss me,” she demanded.

Emeka sighed, feeling defeated. “This woman, you will be the death of me.”

She giggled, and he scooped her off the floor, straddling both legs to his sides. Their lips jammed in a sloppy wet kiss, and he let himself savor it for a few seconds before walking with her in his arms to the bed. He placed her on the edge of the bed, and she dropped her back giddily to the bed. She curled her index finger repeatedly, gesturing him closer.

Emeka crawled over her. “I’m gonna do more than just kiss your lips,” he stated before pressing his lips on hers.

Rosemary flung her arms around his neck, matching the rhythm of his tongue as it played against hers. He reached down and tugged the white panties down and off her legs. He crawled to the foot of the bed, planting kisses on her body as he went.

He planted his knees on the tiled floor and pulled her downwards, and she chuckled.

He lifted her white painted toenails to his mouth and kissed them, one after the other, and she smiled down at him, biting her lip at the sensation. He gently placed her leg back on the bed and buried his head between her waiting thighs.

When he flicked his tongue against her, she knew nothing had ever felt better! She groped her left breast and reached her free hand down to his head, rubbing it and nudging him deeper.

It wasn’t long before she cried out, convulsing against his lips.

Emeka stood to his feet. He pulled her to sit upright and held her gaze as he unbuckled his jeans. He let the jeans fall to the floor along with his belt, and Rosemary reached out and freed his heavy rod from his blue briefs.

She briefly thought about how she hadn’t done this in a long time before tenderly taking him into her mouth, first licking around his cap and then sucking down the rest of him.

It was his turn to reach down for her head. He grabbed a fistful of her weave and gently tugged her head back and forth, matching her pace for pace as she drooled up and down his entire length.

She rolled her eyes up and watched his groaning face as she slobbered up and down his length, making circular movements with her hands as she went, moaning with him full in her mouth, enjoying it too.

She felt him twitch violently, and he yanked out of her mouth and let his seed gush out onto his palms.

She was moist, ready for him to take her.

“I need to get rid of this,” a flushed Emeka said.

“Sure, the bathroom is right there,” she pointed ahead.

As Emeka walked toward the restroom, she climbed back into the bed and got under the sheets.

When he emerged, he picked up his jeans from the floor, wore them, then climbed into her bed, and she snuggled cosily next to him.

He wrapped an arm around her and supported the back of his head with his other hand. They lay quietly.

He watched the ceiling, and she listened to the beating of his heart, each of them engrossed in their thoughts.

This was satisfiable silence. It was happiness. They both felt it.

“You should never have broken up with me,” he spoke in the quietest of whispers, “We always talked about how we would get married, have babies… you never should have left me Rose.”

“I know,” she muttered, parched.

“Last night, it took you eight months, why that long?”

“Because I’m married? Cheating isn’t the most natural thing to do you know?”

He let her words sink in. “Do you love him?”

“I don’t know…” She sighed, shifting away from him. She lay supine and glared up at the ceiling. “I don’t feel anymore Emeka, so much has happened, too much.” She shrugged. “I just move through the motions of each day now, most times it feels like I’m not even here, and the world is just, going on without me.”

Emeka turned on his side and propped up on one elbow, and he gazed down at her teary eyes.

“He doesn’t have a clue,” she went on. “He is in his self gratified world and I’m just a passenger, a passenger whose desires don’t count, whose words don’t matter, not really.” She paused before continuing. “He won’t even let me have a baby, he said his ex-wife already bore him four kids. I used to ask, so what about me? Shouldn’t I have kids too? But, I stopped asking, a long time ago because none of what I feel matters, I don’t matter, not to him, I don’t. All you’ve witnessed in eight months is just an iceberg of what the past four years of my life have been like. I’m worn Emeka,” She sniffled, brushing her fingers over the tears.

“Come away with me,” he suggested, lightly shaking her shoulder. She glimpsed at him and scoffed. “I’m serious, run away with me!”

“Where would we go,” she asked rhetorically.

“My mum’s house in Lagos. She always liked you.”

“It’s different now, I’m a married woman, she wouldn’t want to house me, not like this?”

“She’s my mum, let me worry about that. I am still in love with you Ross,” he was persistent, “I never stopped, it’s the only reason I took this stupid job in the first place.”

“I don’t know Emeka, my husband is a politician, he knows people, he would find us. Besides, if I leave, he would stop caring for my family, and you know my parents are old, my dad needs a refill of his drugs every two weeks, then there are my two brothers whom he is funding through school, he practically does everything for my family, this isn’t just about me…”

Emeka heaved, falling back to the bed. “So what now? I’m just gonna remain your cook forever? I’m thirty-one Rose, I should be doing other things, making money moves.”

It was her turn to turn sideways and stare down at him. She regarded his disappointed face. “But this is a money move, you are paid a hundred and ninety thousand every month, that is more than I can say for most chefs.”

“It’s less than what businessmen make, I could be making much more.”

“Yeah,” she acknowledged realizingly. She leaned down on his chest and cuddled into him. “I’m sorry.”

He rubbed her arm, nodding against her hair. He loved her with all of his heart.

She raised her head to his face and pressed her lips to his, and he welcomed her warm breath, ready to make love to her.

They were careful, as much as they could be. Jax’s constant absence provided the freedom they so heartily enjoyed.

They talked, they laughed, and they shared. They would hang out in the kitchen while Emeka did the cooking. Other times, they watched movies late into the night while the rest of the house slept. He played her favorite Monopoly game with her, held her in his arms, and listened to everything she had to say. It was more than she had done with Jax in the four years of their marriage. But if Jax could just become everything she wanted him to be, she would have given up Emeka to keep her marriage.

Jax was her husband, the man she took vows with. That meant more to her than all the passion and happiness Emeka brought her. It was more than her love for him. Yet, if she could do it all over again, she would never have gone to that park that Thursday afternoon and broken up with the one man who had loved her more than anyone ever did.



She had just come out of the shower when her phone chimed. She walked to her dresser where it had been sitting and rubbed her palm dry against her white towel before picking it up. She smiled as she saw the unread notification from Emeka. They sent each other messages all the time, notes that made her grin from ear to ear. Envisaging this as another exciting text, she moved and sat in her bed reading it.

It was a link to a pornographic site, a website they had both visited and picked up new angles for their adventures. She chuckled and muttered a “Perv” as she clicked the link.

She waited keenly as the video buffered, and her eyes widened at once when the video began to play. She gasped, and her hand flew to her mouth as she watched herself and Emeka replaying before her very eyes.

Her fingers trembled, and her heart sank to the pit of her stomach.

Emeka why?

The phone slipped off her trembling fingers, and she dropped to the floor beside it and pressed a palm to her hurting chest, gasping for air.

It didn’t make sense. Why would Emeka do this to her? Why would he choose to humiliate her this way? Was this blackmail? But Emeka of all people?

Confused by the senseless act and enraged by his possible reasons, she grabbed a t-shirt and pulled a jegging up her waist, then snatched her phone from the floor and dashed out of the room, stomping down the stairs to Emeka’s room.

Angrily, she kicked his door open, and her eyes instantly met Jax, sitting on Emeka’s sofa, confidently smoking a cigar. Rosemary froze, and her phone slipped from her brace and crashed to the floor in a light thud.

Emeka struggled with his arms tied behind his back in a corner, with Jax’s thug firmly behind him.

Jax puffed a cloud of smoke and smirked up at her. “It’s about time belle.”

Her eyes darted confusingly between the three men, then settled on Jax and the AC adapter dangling between his fingers.

“You see belle,” he started to say, rising from the couch. He paced the floor, holding his hands behind his back. “I loved my first wife, she gave me four kids,” he paused to hold out four fingers to Rosemary before continuing. “I wanted only three but, she gave me four. You know why I divorced her?”

Rosemary couldn’t unplug herself from the doorway. Her eyes moped at Emeka’s tensed face, and her heart broke into a million pieces for putting him in this position.

Jax stopped in front of her, and Rosemary shuddered at the deep frown that creased his forehead. She could see his teeth pulsing through his jaw.

“N-No,” she stuttered, shaking her head. “I don’t know.”

He lifted his lips into a smile. “She used a dildo, in my house, under my roof, what an insult! Don’t you think?” he muttered, squinting his eyes at a shrinking Rosemary.

“But you my dear, you…” He shook his finger at her face. “…you took it to a whole other level, belle,” he waved his palm in the air before shoving it behind him and holding her terrified gaze with a self-satisfied smile.

“You see this adapter right here?” he pulled out his left hand that had the device and held it up to her face, “It’s a spy camera belle.”

She gasped in disbelief, and he watched every emotion on her face with a fulfilling smirk. “It has a hidden camera right there, see?” he pointed at the adapter base. “I’m able to watch you and your little boyfriend over there from my phone. I did save your little videos and, ” he shrugged, “shared them online since you want to be a whore.”

Rosemary slowly shook her head, rubbing her palms together pleadingly. “I’m so sorry.”

Jax hummed, acknowledging. He held his right hand to her cheek and rubbed it in circles. “I’m sure you are.”

“I’m sorry,” she repeated, backing against the wall.

“I know, belle, I know,” he muttered, smiling.

He stepped away from her to the thug and handed his cigar to the rough muscular man who placed a pistol in his palm.

Rosemary’s hands flew to her head. “No!” she cried, falling to her knees.

“Oh belle, this isn’t for you? I love you too much!”

Emeka’s jaw tightened, his palms sweating instantly. He wriggled effortlessly to free his wrists from the ropes tieing him.

As he struggled, Jax lifted a shuddering Rosemary off the floor and guided her to stand in front of Emeka. He placed the gun between her palms, then he stepped behind her and lifted her hands to point at Emeka.

He guided her fingers over the trigger, then retracted to the side and stood with his hands clasped in his thighs. The thug stepped away from Emeka’s and joined Jax on the side.

“He has to go belle. Just pull that trigger and me and you can be one happy family again,” he smirked.

He meant it; she knew he did. Her eyes settled on Emeka’s sweaty face, and he held her terrified gaze with bloodshot eyes, a deep sadness clouding his gazing eyes.

Rosemary’s lips quivered, her hands trembling unsteadily. Warm tears stung her eyes, streaming heavily down her terrified face.

“Now, belle,” Jax ordered, his voice calm yet demanding.

Instantly, she whirled around and pulled the trigger at Jax, shutting her eyes close.

Click! The empty gun went, and Emeka heaved despairingly. Rosemary’s eyes widened. She clicked the trigger repeatedly, desperate for a shot.

Jax tutted, shaking his head at her. “I was hoping you won’t do that belle.”

He strolled to a terror-stricken Rosemary and received the empty gun from her trembling hands.

He withdrew a bullet from his pocket and loaded it into the top of the gun’s magazine. “Now I’m really upset,” he said, clicking the magazine into place. “Why do you like to make me mad belle? You want to kill me after all I’ve done for you? for your family? because of him? Oh, belle! you hurt me so…”

Emeka’s eyes slipped to the still-open door, and he dashed towards it. The thug started to run after him, but Jax cut in front of the thug, swiftly pulled the slide, and fired just as Emeka stepped a foot outside the door.

The bullet shot into Emeka’s back, and he fell backward to the floor with a heavy thud. Rosemary let out a terrified shriek, she ran towards his fallen body, and the thug grabbed her before she could reach him.

“You are evil!!” she cried, struggling to break free, “you are evil!!!! God will judge you! I curse you! I curse you!! I CURSEE YOU!!!” she bawled loudly at an unconcerned Jax.

He walked over to Emeka’s body and looked down at his panting face. “Look what you made me do belle, it’s all your fault.”

“You’re the devil himself!” she spat angrily from the thug’s grip, “Get away from him!”

Jax loaded the gun with a second bullet from his pocket.

“Please leave him alone!!” she pleaded amidst snotty tears, “Jax PLEASEEE!”

He aimed the gun at Emeka’s face and fired directly into his forehead. Emeka’s head snapped, and instantly, his breathing ceased.

Rosemary let out a deafening scream.

“This house is soundproof belle, no one can hear you,” Jax said casually.

He handed the gun back to the thug, and Rosemary sprung to Emeka’s body, wailing over him.

“All the workers are gone, I told them it was their, day off,” He laughed, and the thug joined in with a chuckle.

Jax stepped to the side, dusted his hands, and clasped them down on his thigh. “Get out of my house Rosemary, and don’t you ever come back!”

The thug violently pulled her away from Emeka’s body and pushed her out of the room, shutting the door after her.

Rosemary stretched out on the corridor floor and wept, shuddering regretful tears.

Her sex tape was out there for the entire world to see. The man who had loved her, gunned down by a husband who just threw her out, it was over. Life was all over for her.

With that thought, she ran to the kitchen, staggered to the counter, and snatched a knife from the roll of knives sitting on the knife stand.

She slid the knife over her wrist and sank to the floor.

With clouded eyes that began to shut down on her, she gazed as blood swam out of her veins, down her wrist, and unto the floor.



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  1. Lovely story. Unique end. I want more. Part two maybe. What’s Jax like at work. Social life too. Pulissssss Joy

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