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I dream of you. I wake up and pick up my phone to text you.

There’s an uneasy lump in my throat as I type you a two page text.

I spill my heart out on these pages.

I read all I’ve written, twice I think.

My finger hovers over the send button, heart pounding against my chest.

I’m wondering what your response would be

Would I get a response at all?

I think about the things you said, the things I’d said and my chest races in doubt.

I miss you.

You were special,ย I cared about you, hell, I may have even loved you.

I’m thankful for the moments we shared.

I never wanted to let you go.

I wish we had talked.

Now I’m sitting in my bed, all alone, thinking of you, staring down at this typed text, ready to be sent.

My finger is still hovering.

I miss your smile, the way your eyes lit up every time you were laughing at something I was saying.

I miss your brown eyes, that glimmer they held, those unspoken promises right before you kissed me…

I swallow hard, breath heavily,

damn this is hard!

I sigh, again.

Ponder, heave.

Finally, I press a finger firmly down to my screen, the entire text highlights and I press delete

There is no point, too much time has passed.


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