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I was playing Fifa 18 with the boys when Sylvia stormed into my house. Shaken by the abrupt barging in, we all turned to her in shock.

“What are you doing here?” I spoke with the gamepad clasped between my hands, “How did you even get in?!” I hadn’t seen her in over a year. Last I heard, she was visiting Dubai with her elder sister. I didn’t know she was back in town.

Her feet were bouncing furiously, “I still have a key, remember?” She dangled the spare key then demanded, “We need to talk!”

Nonso hissed discreetly. He nudged my arm as he returned his focus to the TV screen, “Guy abeg, go handle your business”

I dropped the pad, crossed over his leg, and went after Sylvia who was already leading the way.

She walked into my bedroom like she owned the apartment. I went in after her and shut the door behind me.

“Sit down” I offered.

She didn’t sit. She planted her hands to her waist and continued to bounce angrily, on her left leg.

Confused, I inquired, “What’s going on Sylvia?”

“What’s going on?! I.K, when were you going to tell me you’re getting married?!” she lashed.

“Oh!” I chuckled, finally coming to terms with the source of her anger.

“Oh yeah?” she continued and I relaxed my back against the wall, folding my hands on my chest. “I heard, no actually, I saw your pre-wedding shots on Facebook, really?!. I gave you everything I.k” She began to count her fingers. “My love, my time, my money, you wouldn’t be here without me…”

“Okay time out!” I peeled away from the wall, “How much do I owe you?”.


“Yes, how much do I owe you?” I was standing in front of her and gesticulating calmly with my fingers, “I would write you a cheque right now, so you would stop reminding me about how much you helped me.”

I breezed past her to my chest of drawers, pulled one drawer open, snatched my checkbook, and picked a pen before marching back to stand in front of her. “How much?” I had my pen to the cheque-book, ready to write, “Two million? 2.5? How much is it?.”

“That’s not the point I.K…” Her voice went pacific.

“No, that is exactly the point! You barge in here, coming at me with what you did for me when it was all done out of love?.”

“I gave you my life I.K!” she hurled unrepentantly, “I gave you everything!..”

“Yeah, but you left!” I argued defensively,

“Sylvia, you left me! You had your friends all up in your head, telling you that I was a playboy, that I was not gonna amount to anything. You knew how hard I was working, I had a Degree, I was focused. I was not just lying in bed somewhere, I was grinding every day of my life. I was grinding and I was pushing, things could have changed at any moment and you know what? they did, they did Sylvia but you weren’t patient enough to stick around for that to happen, were you?”

She began to perspire despite the working air conditioner.

“You left Sylvia and I moved on. I didn’t think I owed you an invitation to my wedding!.”I threw a hand up in the air, before flinging the checkbook to the bed.

I looked away from her and paced the floor, exhaling. I was calming my nerves.

When I lifted my eyes back to her face, she had tears running down her cheeks.

“Hey-yy” I objected, moving towards her.

She broke down in my arms and began to cry profusely, grabbing onto my shirt.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and led her to the bed. As soon as we sat on the firm surface, she buried her face in her palms and continued to weep. I sat there in silence, not knowing what to say, or do.

It irritated me how women used tears to wing their way out of a situation they instigated in the first place.

“Just stop crying okay?” I mumbled. I reached behind me and patted her back soothingly, “Take it easy. Just…” I was still fumbling at consoling words when she grabbed me by my shirt and mashed her lips against mine.

Surprised, I went numb but quickly recovered as she hungrily pushed her tongue past my lips. I relaxed into the kiss and allowed our tongues to dance.

She tasted as wonderful as ever.

She grabbed my hand and pressed it to her left breast then, as if racing against a timer, began to unbutton my shirt.

I withdrew.

“I miss you I.K,” she breathed, itching her face back closer to mine, “Touch me, hold me…” She was pleading, scrambling with my vest.

I clasped her hands together, “Hey!, ” I shook her gently, “relax, okay? let’s just lie here for a while. Okay?” I insisted.

She nodded.

“I’m going to let your hands go now, alright?”

She sniffed before nodding.

I released my grip and she did not launch at me this time.

I dropped my back in the bed and folded an arm behind my head.

I stretched the other hand to her, “Come here” I invited.

She coyly obeyed.

Her body snuggled next to mine. She rested her head on my chest and her arm wrapped around my middle.

”I’m sorry I.K, I’m really sorry.”

“Yeah.” I nodded against her hair.

I had loved Sylvia, a lot. I met her when I was at the lowest point of my life.

I had just moved to Port Harcourt in search of greener pastures. Things were tight. I was putting up with my cousin at his house, applying for jobs on one hand, and looking for hustle on the other hand, with no capital to start the business of my dreams.

One evening, I walked to the filling station close by to get some fuel for our generator and that was where I met her.

She was driving out in her Venza just as I walked out of the station. She slowed down and offered me a lift but when I turned it down, she left her card with me instead.

I called her a week after that day.

One thing led to another and we became entangled in a relationship. She was really humble and sweet, from a good home too. She was spontaneous, beautiful, and smart. She made me laugh, she kept me on my toes and even though she scared the heck out of me, I fell for her, and I fell hard.

She had all the qualities I wanted in a woman. I admired how she did not rely on her father’s wealth but made a name for herself in the interior designing and consultant world.

She supported my dream of importing spare parts into the country and gave me funds for a start-up. Like most new businesses, my first attempt was not a success. I lost money and while I worked on gathering funds to invest for a second time, she started seeing someone new… someone better than I was.

It hurt just as much as it bruised my ego but I channeled all that emotion into my hustle and things worked out eventually.

The only reason she could still find me here was because I was taking my time to complete work on my flat.

“What is she like?” She asked, breaking into my thoughts.

“She’s great.”

“What’s her name?”

“Ivie, her name is Ivie.”

“Would you have married me if I didn’t leave?”

“You already know the answer to that Sylvia”

“I want to hear you say it”

“Yes,” I admitted honestly, “I would have married you”

I felt the warmness of her teardrop on my chest.

I lifted her chin to look into her eyes. They were moist with tears yet, she still looked so beautiful. Quivering red parted lips, wide-set eyes looking back at me longingly. I placed her head back on my chest, a necessary effort to resist the temptation of bending her over on my table.

“Do you want to go chill with Nonso and Mac?” We needed to leave this bed.

She took the hint and rose from my body to sit up straight. “Noo, I know they must have said crazy things about me”

I laughed, pulling my weight up from the bed. “Nah, no one said anything”

She looked over her shoulders and made a face at me, and I laughed the conversation off.

They actually did.

I pulled myself off the bed and stood in front of her. “Come on,” I held out my hand to her, “let me walk you out.”

She clasped it and I pulled her up to her feet. Adjusting her jean by the waist, she looked around for her keys; they were somewhere on the side of the bed.

She bent over to scoop them and my eyes greeted a zoomed view of her curvaceous butt, arching perfectly over my bed, with legs resting firmly in nude ankle-strap stilettos.

I looked away.

“Let’s go” she spoke behind me and I walked ahead to hold the door open for her.

“Thank you” she stepped out of my room and together, we made our way down the small corridor.

Quick good-byes were exchanged between her and the boys as we walked by the living room.

We walked into the yard and stepped outside the gate to where her car was parked.

She stopped, turned, and sent her arms around my neck. I rubbed her back, “You’ll be alright,” I assured her.

She withdrew from my arms and unlocked her car. I beat her to the door’s handle causing her to smile thankfully, she climbed into the vehicle and I shut the door after her.

I took a step backward and slipped my hands into my jean pockets.

She started the ignition, then turned to me and said, “She’s a lucky girl”

I smiled softly.

She smiled sadly, nodded as if to herself before winding up her windows and driving away.

“Phew!” I exhaled, scratching the back of my head.

I turned around and walked back into the house.



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  1. Totally worth reading.

    You write so well.

  2. Nice piece of work.
    Love is principal, but it’s not always enough. On the other hand, patience cannot be over emphasized.
    Some #acrimony shii right here. #Touche

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