He had taken it too far this time around.
She had endured his emotional neglect, his constant yelling when he should be listening, his egocentric nature,

he didn’t even compliment her anymore.
They seemed to argue constantly but  she didn’t think he would have an affair.
“Six years of marriage, three lovely kids and Dele chooses to share our bed with another woman ” she recited to herself as she stared at a copy of the chats she had found on his phone and emailed to herself . He had carelessly left his phone on the dresser as he had his bath that morning and in it, lay her nightmare.
” Six years ” she whispered again, and let the tears that stung her eyes flow freely.
That was a week ago. Here she lay,  contemplating on whether or not to contact Jide.
Jide had been the love of her life before she ever met Dele. He had understood her, believed in her even in her darkest moments and loved her so selflessly. Oh!! and the way he touched her, she remembered dreamily.
But she had fallen out of love with him, and married Dele instead, her gorgeous articulate husband.
Her hands shook, she wasn’t sure if this was a good idea. But she wanted to feel wanted again, to be reassured of everything she seemed to be forgetting about herself lately, she needed to feel good again, happy, she couldn’t even remember what that felt like anymore.
“Phew!! ” she breathed out, running her hands through her hair.
She bit her lower lip and slid further into the bed. She glanced at Dele who was sleeping next to her, he looked so peaceful. “Probably dreaming of the whore”  She thought to herself with a deep frown.
She turned to her side, pulled the duvet over her head. It was 11pm by her phone.
She mentally pulled herself together, and typed.. “Hey Jide, it’s Funke… Hello?”
She held on tightly to her phone, watching her screen as the message sent and she got a delivery report.
Her heart skipped.
Her screen light timed out.
Had she done the right thing? What if he doesn’t reply, she worried biting her lip nervously.
Indifferent, she placed her phone next to her pillow and made to snuggle back under the sheets.
Then her phone beeped.
She hurriedly scooped it in her hands. It was Jide. He replied.
I know_” He wrote. “Hey beautiful.. ”
She grinned satisfactorily. Glanced quickly at her sleeping husband, then back at her phone, and began to type a reply.
The End.

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  1. So bcos of just one act of indiscretion by her husband she decided to go back to her ex? Without even first talking it over with her husband? The ex is not her husband today bcos she found someone better, Dele.

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