What had started out as an innocent reunion with his ex girlfriend, blossomed into a full friendship and sexual chats

It hadn’t happen overnight
It took months of continuous chatting – all those times his wife pissed him off, he would go to her for a breather.
Months went by and they would chat about “old times“, awakening feelings he had once put behind him.
Those beautiful curvaceous pictures of her she kept changing on her profile did not help matters for him either. He had almost forgotten how beautiful she was.
It was exciting, all of it – the continuous late night chats, secret phone calls, no marital issues or kids. It was just fun and he had her wrapped around his finger, just the way he likes his women, something his wife was proving too stubborn for.
“but , it’s just chats” he would tell himself, “that’s all it would ever be”.
But there he was, on that bright sunny day, sitting in the parking lot of Sandralia hotel Abuja.
She had come into town and asked to see him.
He didn’t think it was a good idea at first, did not think it was a good idea still, but he was there…
His phone rang.
“ain’t you coming again? ” Ellen’s voice came through.
” ehhhnm, I am” he stammered “I’m almost there.. ”
” okay, I’m waiting ” she smilled over her voice and dropped the call.
He breathed out heavily. Looked at himself in his rear view mirror, straightened his hands against his trousers and got out of the car, making his way into the hotel’s reception.
Moments later, he was at her door, room “305”, knocking.
She flung it open and jumped excitedly into his embrace.
Gosh! She smelled so good. “hey!!” he smiled, “look at you” he admired her
She giggled, full of excitement and pulled him into the room, locking the door behind him.
She poured him a glass of wine, and conversation followed with heartily laughter… But he couldn’t ignore the tension in the room. The lust in the air. How her legs went on endlessly in those bum shorts, fresh and fair.
She was saying something, but he wasn’t listening anymore. He got up from the chair he sat on, made his way hurriedly towards her and took her lips in his. She did not object. She melted into him, and let him kiss her, and she kissed him back.
It was hungry, it was passionate, it read I’ve waited too long for this.
He pulled her up to him, placing her against the wall.
His hands found her breasts and he cupped them, lightly pinching the nipple.
She moaned, throwing her head backwards.
His lips found her chest and he flicked his tongue against her tout nipple.
She buried her fingers in his hair and cried in passion, “oh Mike!!”
Impatiently, he ruffled her shorts to the ground, undoing her panties in the process.
He turned her body to face the wall. Kissing her neck and squeezing her breast with one hand, he undid his trousers with the other.
He found her. Moist and warm. He groaned in pleasure as did she, and he began to let it all out, the way he had played it in his head….
Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!!
Threads of pleasure spread down her legs, into every toe.
Smack!! Smack!! Smack!!!
She arched her back further into him, taking in all his fullness.
Smack smack.
Fast… Fast… Fast…. Faster!!!
She stiffened, arching her back further into him as she felt the waves of orgasm rise through her, and she reached her climax.
He groaned in ecstasy right after her.
And It was over, almost as soon as it had begun.
They went limp against each other, and quiet. It was so quiet, the drop of a pin could be heard, if it dropped.
He was going heavy leaning on her like that.
She turned around in curiosity.
He slumped to the ground and she took his face in her hands, with concern written all over her face
“Mike! You are crying”
He looked up at her, she could instantly see the regret in his eyes.
“I just cheated on my wife” he said, fully realizing what he had done.
She stared at him, feeling sick to her stomach, and all of a sudden, ashamed.
She crossed her arms over her chest in an attempt to cover her nakedness. She looked away from his face and let the tears run freely down her cheeks.
After what seemed like forever, Mike slowly got up and wore his trousers. He grabbed his keys and Cell phone and made for the door.
He paused at the door, looked at her over his shoulders, angry at himself for letting a woman who really meant everything to him down, for her…
He shook his head, really at himself, unlocked the door and made his way out.
She let out a loud cry at the sound of the closed door and let herself cry. She had never really stopped loving Mike
But here he had been, looking at her, like that, it stung her heart.
He had chosen his wife over her, again.
She held her knees tightly to her chest and cried a river.
That was the last time she ever saw or heard from Mike again.

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  1. Hmmm nice1. Girls girls girls girls! They never learn family comes first. He would always choose his wife…

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