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UPSHOT 2 (18+)

Shola quickly wiped at her cheeks. She turned around and forced her lips into a smile. “Hey honey” she cooed, walking towards his bed.

***5th July 2017***

“Babe I’m so sorry for the inconvenience….” Apologized Shola.

“Shut up jor” went Adaora, “what are best friends for? You’ve only been here three nights and you are already apologizing. Listen, you and David can stay till you sort yourselves out”

“Thank you.” She glanced over at David who was engrossed with her iPad on the floor of the sitting room. Whereas, herself and Adaora occupied the dining table, with Adaora eating oranges.

“What are you going to do now, has he responded?” Adaora asked, calling Shola’s focus back to her. Read more


14th February 2014.
“Hmmn, so another man will marry you like this?” he teased her, basking in the euphoria of a satisfied sex session, “The most beautiful woman, sweetest of all”

She laughed, shifting under the white sheets. Their bodies were still naked, cuddling each other. “If you didn’t break my heart, it would be you and I..”

“But I apologized..”

“I told you before, cheating is a no no …”

“Even when she didn’t mean anything?”

She rolled her eyes up at him.

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Kunle!” Shola called frantically, breezing towards her husband who was sitting and smiling at the TV screen, obviously enjoying the film playing before him.

“Kunle!!” she repeated, closing in on him. “You want to pretend you didn’t hear me calling you abi?” She planted her left hand to her hip and began bouncing angrily on one knee.

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“I see a Clayton Smith,” The receptionist announced, eyes still narrowed down to the screen. He lifted his gaze to me, “Can I see some ID please?”

“He’s here” I replied, and watched as Clayton walked up to me. He was wearing a dark blue shirt with a stripe of red and other colors on the upper right of the shirt, a black trouser and a brown Hermes pam slippers.

I instantly felt overdressed.

“Hey!” he said as he closed in on me. He reached out his arm and slightly hugged me from the side. He took two steps backwards and looked me over. “You look official” he remarked.

I liked his voice, I had always liked how he sounded…

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It was a strong feeling, lust always is.

It deepened when we shared unclad photos of ourselves..

He was long, full and brown. He wasn’t excited yet he looked that enormous, I wondered what he would enlarge into when he was actually turned on.

That photo was cherished for many days.

I sent mine,with a cringe.

Still, I found myself, right after feeling embarrassed over the last photo sent, posing for another one, for him.

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“You’re up?” Clayton’s DM read on my Instagram profile.

But I was only just waking up. His message was sent minutes past, while I was fast asleep.

I smiled, glad he texted because I had made up my mind not to pursue our friendship any longer. Not for anything he did wrong, but because I liked him too much…way too much.

I rolled over to my side,

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THE Client.

The first time I saw Donald was in my office.

I was running late to work on that particular day which is unusual for me as I try to keep up with time, in every area of my life.

But as unscripted as life can be,

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“Are you seeing someone else?”

His words caused her head to spring from her phone. She had been smiling down at a funny comment someone wrote on Instagram, phone clasped in her left hand, fork in the other hand, feeding herself the plate of spaghetti that sat on the dining table before her.

Now she was staring at Arthur,

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