Hi there!
I am Kylie Joy - a creative writer.

I have authored over 100 short stories, ghostwritten a 35k word romance novel, and written a 10-episode seasonal screenplay. While storytelling is my forte, I have written several articles and copies for blogs.

I have also written movie loglines, synopsis, memoirs, and speeches. Safe to say, as long as it involves creativity and a play on words?

Count me in!




"We have worked with Joy on a few stories over the past months and we have been very happy with her work. Joy understood immediately what we were looking for and was able to write within our guidelines in a very natural way. She incorporated quickly and efficiently the few elements of feedback we had. "

Cecile G. | Marketing Manager 

"Kylie is involved in producing high value content for the Mumsaloud brand. This includes Articles, stories and writeups in general and i must say her work is truly exceptional with readers just wanting more and more from her captivating write ups. Her stories are very well constructed and presented such that it always takes you on a journey one that you would wish is never ending. "

Bokun I. | Founder, MumsAloud. 

"Kylie has written several scripts for Maeve. Compelling stories, diligently written and always within given deadlines and good communication!"

Dr. Gertrud T. | CEO & Founder Maeve 

"Joy is always super efficient and speedy, often taking the brief and turning it into a solid story with a creative twist! Highly recommend :)"

Samantha Marshall | Content & Community Manager at Ramblin' Brands

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